BBBSS OBA AGM 2015 notice


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT an Annual General Meeting of the above Association will be held on Saturday, 12th September, 2015 at 3.30 pm at the Bilik Gerakan, Bukit Bintang Boys’ Secondary School, Jalan Utara, 46200 Petaling Jaya.




To adopt the audited accounts for the year ended 31st December, 2014


Election of Office Bearers


To appoint an Auditor


Any other business



Hon. Secretary

Dated this 27th day of August, 2015.

Fire at Boler Block – Appeal To Old Boys


Dear Alumni of Bukit Bintang Boys’ Secondary School,

It is with great sadness that I wish to inform you that a section of The Boler Block in Bukit Bintang Boys’ Secondary School caught fire on Saturday morning (18 April 2015). Firefighters were called to the school at around 9.10 am. Flames ripped through the school auditorium damaging it totally. The chemistry preparation room was also gutted by fire. All equipment and furniture in the auditorium were destroyed. The fire service forensic unit is in the midst of establishing the cause which, at this stage, is suspected to be an electrical short-circuit.

Due to space constraints, the auditorium at the time of this incident served as a classroom for Form 2B. Some of you may recall that at some point in time, this room has served as a form six classroom, then as a computer lab and as the audio-visual room. It was also very well used for many other activities by past and present students.

To all present and past pupils of Bukit Bintang Boys’ Secondary School, we need your help to begin the process of reconstruction and recovery. I hope that this fundraising appeal will tug at the hearts of many BBians, those who share with us the desire to see the school not only recover, but regain momentum towards its future success.

The kind words and many messages of support from many of you are most welcome and have meant so much to us, the current principal, teachers and pupils of your alma mater at this very difficult time. For your information, there was no fire insurance taken on the building. As you may be aware, BBBSS was built 57 years ago and the entire electrical wiring system of the school is outdated and in dire need of repair and upgrade.

Estimated cost to rebuild : RM 120 000.00
Electrical wiring repair and upgrade : RM 50 000.00
To make a donation, you may:
1. Mail: Send your donation via cheque made to :
Lembaga Pengelola SMK(L) Bukit Bintang
2. Bank transfer: Maybank – Account No. 514187333375
3. Please leave a message with me when you have a made a donation so that a receipt
can be issued to you.

Warmest regards and appreciation from,

Susan Koh Sui Kheng
SMK(L) Bukit Bintang

Handphone No: 017 2045567
Email address : [email protected]

Keadaan  Bumbung Bangunan Yang Terbakar
Keadaan Bumbung Bangunan Yang Terbakar
Keadaan Auditorium yang juga digunakan sebagai bilik darjah
Keadaan Auditorium yang juga digunakan sebagai bilik darjah
Bilik Persediaan Makmal Yang Terbakar
Bilik Persediaan Makmal Yang Terbakar


School Project – Construction of New Four Classroom Block

Bukit Bintang Boys’ Secondary School has applied to the Ministry of Education for approval to convert the school from next year (2015) into a single session school i.e. all levels (Form 1 to 5) to be in one session.

In view of this development, there is, therefore, a need for additional classrooms. Plans are being put in place for a new block (2-storey) of 4 classrooms to be built next to the canteen. The estimated cost this building project is RM 220,000. There will be some additional costs to furnish the new classrooms.

The building will be built by using a new and fast building method and technology and about 60% of the project will be funded and sponsored by the builders of the building. That leaves a balance of about RM 80,000 to be raised by the school.

Fund Raising

The school is approaching all stakeholders i.e. the School Alumni, the Persatuan Ibubapa dan Guru-guru (PIBG) and the church (as owners of the school) to be involved in the fund raising for these project.

We will be most grateful if you can be co-partners with us in this endeavor to provide better facilities to the students and teachers.

The alumni is planning to list the names of contributors (RM 500 and above) in a plaque that will be put up at the new building. These will be the following categories of contributors:-

5-star RM 5,000

4-star RM 3,000

3-star RM 2,000

2-star RM 1,000

1-star RM 500

Any amount of contribution will be appreciated. Contact your former classmates and do this as a project together.

We target to raise about RM 50,000 from the old boys.

If you would like to make a donation, you can issue a crossed cheque (with your full name and contact behind) to :-

Persatuan Alumni SMK (L) Bukit Bintang

Send the cheque to :-

SMK(L) Bukit Bintang,

Jalan Utara,


If you prefer to bank into our account Hong Leong Bank Account No. 3690 000 6610, please inform us of the contribution so that we can acknowledge your donation.

Thanking you in advance for your kindness and support.

If you would like to have more information please give me a call (012-288 3105).

Lawrence Hie


Visit by Dr McGregor. 21.3.13

Dear all,

Dr McGregor will be visiting Malaysia and I am planning to have  the old boys to meet up with him in the School.I have asked the school  HM for the use of the  McGregor Hall ( the old school hall ) to meet for tea, tour the School and then adjourn for lunch, probably at Armada Hotel as it is nearby.The date for the gathering at the School is : Friday, 21st March, 2014 at 10.30 am.


Those who are unable to come for tea , can join us for lunch at 12.30 pm at Armada Hotel ( to be confirmed as I have not made a booking yet ). I will invite the old teachers who are available to attend the gathering.I will let you know the cost for the lunch late.Please circulate this to other  old boys from the earlier years and those who know Dr McGregor.Please get the old boys to attend as I am not sure when he will visit Malaysia again as he is getting on in years.


Those who are able to attend the gathering . please confirm to me.Will give you more info later.



Hock Hoe

[email protected]


School Renovations – Message from Alumni President

Dear Fellow Ex-BBians and Friends,

For many years, the school has not been given much funding from the government for the maintenance and upkeep of the school buildings and facilities. For a long time, schools have very much been self-reliant for such expenditure. Raising funds from the PIBG and from former students can only go a very limited extent. As a result, the physical condition of the school deteriorated over the decades for lack of proper upkeep and maintenance.

Thankfully in the past couple of years the government realized that the upkeep of the school facilities is as important as the curriculum and academic performance of the school.

Since 2012, the school has been getting some much needed funding under the 10th Malaysian Plan for upkeep and maintenance.

Last year the school listed many areas that needed repair and maintenance. I have been very much directly involved with another member of the school board in the planning and implementation of the school renovation and maintenance.

I think it will be informative to former students if I update some of the repairs and maintenance work that the school has undertaken lately.

Here is a short summary of some of the major maintenance and repair work has been carried out during the last 2 school holiday seasons (November to January 2013 and March 2013).

Renovation of McGregor Hall (Old School Hall)

One of the bigger projects that has been undertaken was the complete renovation of the school’s single-storey multi-function school hall (now named Dr. Alastair McGregor Hall, the first Principal of the school).

The school board had earlier planned a major upgrade and extension of the hall. However, due to other more important priorities, the board has decided to repair and renovate the hall instead.

Since January 2013, the McGregor Hall has been repaired and renovated in the following manner :-

  • Repaired roof which had leaks at several places
  • Replaced and raised the former “collapsing “ ceiling
  • Replaced the flooring of the stage which was badly damaged by termites
  • Tiling the flooring which was previously cement rendered
  • Closed or covered up some of the  louvered windows
  • Rewired the original old electrical wiring and added additional lights and fans

Other Renovation

Apart from the work done for the McGregor hall, the school has also done the following maintenance work:-

  • School Canteen
  • Replaced flooring with new tiling
  • Refurbished canteen tables and chairs
  • Repainting of the school
  • External perimeter wall
  • McGregor Hall
  • All classrooms
  • Installation of additional ceiling fans for every classroom
  • Rehabilitation of slope behind and near the Badminton/Assembly Building and former canteen due to the dangerous erosion that has taken place and that is progressively deteriorating. For safety reasons we have to get this attended.

The maintenance work is still ongoing.  Some of the ongoing maintenance and planned works are : –

  • Rehabilitation of school field – improving the drainage of the water-logged field, removal of stones and debris, replacement of sand and soil and the replanting of grass. This is another major work has started about a month ago.

Conversion of the girls’ toilet to a Men and Ladies Toilet. BB has only a handful of female students in 6th Form. The conversion of the toilet is to cater mainly for visitors coming to the school. We need a proper washroom facility whenever a function or event is held at the McGregor Hall.

Replacement and adding of roof gutters and drainage pipes. The roof drainage system of some buildings has not been maintained for decades and is in rather dilapidated condition.

Renovation of all the laboratories – flooring, ceiling, windows, sink and amenities etc.

Extension of the concrete section of the sepak takraw courtyard (also used as the assembly area) and the relandscaping of the neighboring grass areas.

We anticipate the maintenance work to continue for several more months and I will update news about the progress periodically.

If you are a former student and if you drop by the school, I am sure you will notice some changes and improvements that have been done to your alma mater.

If there is any former school student would like to contribute materials or services to the school, please contact any of the alumni committee members or contact me directly.

Lawrence Hie
The Bukit Bintang Boys’ Secondary School Alumni Association

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